Meeting Christian and Cathy Byrd and doing a past life regression with them both allowed me to witness for myself the extraordinary life story of Lou Gehrig and Mom Gehrig. I fell in love with Christian and Cathy, and you will too as you dive into this riveting account of their adventure exploring reincarnation and the deeper truth that love always brings us together life after life. As a result of our work, Christian no longer has asthma and Cathy is fulfilling her soul’s purpose in opening people’s minds to the truth of our eternal existence. After I left their home, I immediately called my friend Dr. Wayne Dyer and with awe and contagious enthusiasm I shared their story with him. I know that as soon as your turn the last page of this exceptional book, you too will be passionately sharing Christian’s and Lou Gehrig’s story with everyone and carrying the light of their soul in your heart.

Mira Kelley

Regressionist, best-selling author of Beyond Past Lives