Meet Christian

The boy who knew too much

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Christian Haupt was discovered on YouTube at the age of two for a baseball playing cameo role in the Adam Sandler movie "That's My Boy." He was the youngest person to ever throw a ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game and his YouTube videos have been viewed by more than 17 million people. As a toddler, Christian played baseball for hours on end and insisted on wearing a baseball uniform every day. His fascination with the sport came as quite a surprise to his parents who were not fans of the game. At the age of two, Christian began sharing detailed information about being a baseball player in a former lifetime in the 1920s and '30s.

Baseball Kid Christian Haupt – Dodgers Prodigy Documentary
Adam Sandler Film Set
Sleeping with Baseballs
Lasorda Spring Training
Hitting Dodger Stadium
First Pitch Dodger Statium

Now eight years old, Christian no longer has spontaneous recollections of a past life, but he does remember all of the things he said when he was younger. He still loves baseball and plays shortstop and pitches on a highly competitive travel baseball team that made it to the Pony World Series in July, 2016. Christian has a dream that all people will love each other and realize that we are all the same.

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